Gold Train FRVR


Average Rating: 4.8/5

A new railroad puzzle game! Gold Train FRVR is your new favorite railway line game! Addictive and fun gameplay that will hook you up for hours!

Drag, drop and rotate track tiles to complete the lines for the train and try to reach the next station! Evolve and improve your train and get as much gold as you can on your way to the station to reach the higher score among your friends! Each scenario is a new challenge, how many gold coins can you get?

Gold Train FRVR is a truly relaxing puzzle game where there’s NO LIVES MODE. Play as much as you want! Moves are not limited, squeeze your brain with hours of pipe connecting and drag the track wisely! Be careful and select the right tile to assemble the railway road and get the train to the station safe!

Gold Train FRVR is a low storage game. This plumber style game only focus on giving you a truly fun experience in a low mb game for free. Play online or offline, since you don’t need an internet connection to connect the train tracks.

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